Why Costa Rica?

More and more people are looking for a change in their pace of life. If you are one of them and you are looking for an internship in the dive world then keep on reading. The Divemaster internship might be exactly what you’re seeking next. Both Costa Rica and Bali are highly frequented when people seek this PADI certification. What are the advantages to doing a PADI Divemaster internship in Costa Rica compared to getting your Divemaster internship on Bali, Indonesia? Can you imagine moving to a tropical islands in Asia to turn your life up side down? Sounds like a dream, right?

Now why do your divemaster internship on Bali? Why not? you must be thinking?! Have

Porters of the Diving Helpers Club carrying scuba equipment for tourists in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia. The women work for tips, which help them supplement their incomes in this remote village in northeastern Bali.

Porters carrying scuba equipment for Bali, Indonesia. Divemaster Internship Bali.

you ever thought about Costa Rica? For Americans and Canadians, it is way closer to home, and even when you’re flying from Europe, San Jose is much closer in flight time. And while it is not an island, it is very tropical and you can still live the dream and if you do a good search you will find a very cheap ticket to get back and forth 🙂

Here at Rich Coast Diving we offer great packages with loads of add-ons. These include several PADI specialties and Marine science programs. We just opened a new “intern house” were you can stay at a reasonable cost. If you want to learn a second language I think Spanish lessons will be more useful than Indonesian, wouldn’t you? Here in Coco, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, there are several language teaching institutes that make you understand. You’ll be able to hold a decent conversation in Spanish in no time. The Spanish classes are highly reputed at a very reasonable cost.


Spanish Class during your Divemaster Internship in Costa Rica


On your days off during your Divemaster internship in Costa Rica, you’ll see the country has lots to offer. I believe there is more wildlife to discover in the national parks here than you can see in places like Bali. The public transportation works almost flawless we are pretty central for you to explore on a day trip. Another big advantage of Costa Rica over doing the divemaster internship in Bali is we have a consistent connection to the internet so you can stay connected and are able to obtain and broaden your knowledge online.

Costa Rican people are very happy and they are rated as one of the happiest nation in the world, so why not share that smile? The people are very helpful and the country offers enough produce that beggars are very rare unlike the Bali touts. Did you know that you Chiquita banana comes from here, as well as the juicy pineapple you buy back home? We buy them right across the street for just $1.00 as well as a fresh coconut which is a very healthy addition to your diet.


Fresh Coconut or “Pipa fria”

If you were looking forward to the rice of Bali, don’t worry the national dish here is also rice and beans 🙂 So what you waiting for? Join our popular program and become a divemaster. Rich Coast Diving gives you the best experience and top quality eduction like you would expect of a PADI 5* CDC facility. Did you know we have 2 permanent PADI Course Directions on staff? That Rich Coast Diving is the only 5* CDC facility in Costa rica, with the first and only Platinum Course Director and the only center that offers Free diving courses as well?

So, there are different advantages in doing your divemaster internship in Bali, but you can’t ignore that Costa Rica has some assets that other places can’t offer. Take the advantage and hop on a plane to Liberia and we will pick you up from the airport and make sure you leave here as a great and knowledgeable PADI PRO.


Divemaster Diving at Rich Coast Diving


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