Animal abuse for selfies

Just any ordinary day off and I am scrolling down my Facebook page.  I scrolled down on a photo of a former classmate with a selfie  holding a baby shark.  The comments underneath were all positive and I could not believe my eyes.  People saying “Thank God it is just a baby”  got my neck hairs to rise even more.My question was if she released it and the answer came pretty fast with a positive reply ” yes we did, and it swam away”  One lucky shark I would say.


 Then I noticed a horrendous  video.  I could not even finish watching it.  It was set on a beach in the Dominical Republic.  Some guys pulled a shark on its tail with their bare hands just out of the ocean.  Once it got on the beach and was basically helpless, they started beating on it. One guy was trying to put a lifeguards ring around its neck so it couldn’t bite.  needles to say the shark died and photos appeared on Facebook with loads of smiling peopshark-1le as they had the selfie of the year.

With full disgust I was scrolling down hoping to see some happy articles / pictures when I scrolled  over another shark story.  Some guy in Australia pulled out 10 different species of sharks; there were photos of each single species and the story was about how people can pick their own favorite shark to take their selfie just to put on Facebook.

I still can not imagine that you would post a selfie with a dead animal!  but worse knowing the animal is killed just for your selfie!  Don’t you think it is way cooler to swim along side a shark and take that selfie?  Not just sharks are being victims of selfies, turtles seem to be a popular selfie as well.  Here we have many arribas, or beaches where turtles come and lay their eggs, of course they make great shots but show some respect. Touching, climbing on top or lifting them is a no no.  So this post on Facebook today about Lebanon is another sad example.TurtleRmeileh_GreenAreaA

It is not just with selfies we are being selfish ( not sure if that is the right name for it) but I also noticed a big green moray eel on a photo. He also became a victim of human behavior.

Judge for yourself Please tell me what is this world coming to? Shootings, unnecessary killings, animal abuse…………..where is our morality?

I closed my Facebook page and went to netflix to watch funny sitcom. I had enough misery for a day.




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