Hola from the intern house!


Welcome to Casa Ballena. The intern house of Rich Coast Diving. We have people living here throughout the PADI ladder from instructors to dive masters in training and rescue divers along with our 2 cats momo and suka.

When moving to a new place especially a new country it’s always slightly daunting finding a place to stay, and knowing who you get to live with. With Rich Coast it’s easy as we have a house in Playas del Coco (5min walk to shop and town) where they sort everything out for you. It’s really nice to live with vast variety of people.roomcostarica-e1460906762234

It’s great as Everyone is coming from all over the world: North-America, Latin-America, Europe and so on. Each with a different background, class and culture. On
e is on summer break before starting at university, the other is
traveling, someone else has already been working for years and another just graduated from the university. Diversity all over the place.

This makes the house exciting with all the different cultures and languages. You learn a lot about different types of people and places. It’s also very good to improve your language skills. Often it happens that your talking and there is a language barrier so you end up trying to directly translate from your own language to English which can be very funny but, also usually works eventually. Although everyone is different we all have something in common, we are divers! WE LOVE DIVING!!IDC Open water sessions

Another thing is we are not only a team at work, outside work we stay a team as well. We have a lovely cleaning lady, who cleans the house every week (and she is good). Still we are responsible for the rest: doing the dishes, keeping the kitchen clean, putting the garbage outside, feeding the cats and locking the doors. We have to trust that everyone is going to do these simple chores otherwise it would be a nightmare (usually we’re all pretty good)!

The atmosphere is very relaxed in the house.  Whom ever is up for social time can join us to eat dinner together, cook together or invite people to come over. We watch movies and often the speakers are turned on for music! There is always someone who wants to join you if you don’t want to be alone, but no obligations.

Off course we don’t work 24/7. We have also have a life outside of work. We go for dinner, have a few beers in the bar or go for a beach walk. After all we live less then 5 minutes from the beach!  🙂
There is plenty of space to do your own thing.  Some have private bedrooms and other share a bunk in the dorm part of the house. Nobody is checking on you and13125033_622385677926962_998846738162698880_n you don’t need to explain what your doing or where you are going. Many of us have friends outside of Rich Coast as well and hang out with them. Everyone has their own lives but we are more than happy to bring everyone along :).

All these things make it really nice and easy to live together. When you come home it feels like a home and not a house. If no one is home and you feel you are alone, then there are always the two cats who will happily keep you company!

Overall we can count on each other and Rich coast is one big team! Sometimes we even do trips zip lining, mud baths, hot springs etc.

Now you have an idea what it’s like in Casa Ballena and if you decide to join us for an internship, you know wha tot expect: we will welcome you any day.. After all living in another place is for everyone an experience. Why not share it with others and make new friends.

Sometimes you even end up with friends for life 🙂


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