Dive against Debris

Every year thousands of marine animals die from eating or getting tangled in marine debris or trash in the ocean.  Research has shown that marine debris affects 663 marine species. Divers have a history of removing trash from the ocean but despite our best efforts the trash keeps piling up.  In order to help the cleaning action of divers even more, PADI came with the Aware specialty Dive against Debris.


Rich Coast Diving, being 100% Aware partner signed up for this specialty and we are more than happy to certify any diver who helps clean up the ocean 🙂  So also last week.  Josh from England came to see us for this specialty  and we did our briefing and talked about the survey that project aware wants us to fill out.  The specialty includes 1 clean up dive, so on the boat we went with our Aware mesh bag and ready to fill it!

Our first dive was awesome we observed a big white tip reef shark that was super curios and kept coming round. Saw 3 turtles crusing over the reef and then a massive stingray in the sand.  Sounds like the perfect dive right? but wait we had on objective to collect trash!  The good news is we did NOT see any trash on this dive site!  How exciting, we enjoyed loads of marine life on a very healthy reef.

After our surface interval we decided to dedicate dive #2 on our debris course. But guess what?  We did not manage to put anything in our bags as there was Dive-Against-Debris-Twitter-PADInothing that wasn’t suppose to be there!  So our de-briefing was very short and there was no survey to fill out. We surfaced and got on the boat as very happy divers. We came to the conclusion that the local dive sites here in the Papagayo Gulf are very clean. Pura Vida Costa Rica!

If you are interested to receive the Dive against Debris Specialty send us an email :

dive@richcoastdiving.com  We also teach the Aware Shark, Manta, Turtle and Bull Shark Specialty 🙂


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