Diving with Orcas

I am sure we have all been to a sea aquarium at least once in our life, but hopefully now with all the commotion around Seaworld  we know better.  We are all signing petitions, to save marine capture, stop Dolphin torture in Tajij, or the Faroe slaughter. Facebook is exposing more and more and we are slowly getting educated through social media.

Seaworld has brought out an image of Orcas being the killer whale doing tricks but still portraying that killer instinct.  Several trainers have been in trouble or actually killed by these magnificent creatures.  Does this mean the Orca is a threat to humans?   Absolutely not, there are very few incidents reported of human attacks.  The orca is very intelligent  and reports have shown they communicate almost the same as humans do.  They have feelings like us, as they have been seen grieving for their losses and some even believe they have something that resembles a funeral.14022311_671782062987323_4311577806016544336_n

In fact, the only apparent instances of orcas attacking people have happened at marine parks. Many experts think these attacks are not malicious, rather a case of play getting out of hand. Some scientist disagree, they think  the attacks are deliberate, though not in cold blood due to the fact they are separated  from their pods, confined in small concrete tanks, and hand fed instead of being allowed to hunt.  This can raise the aggressiveness in the tanks as a result to fighting amongst each other or to lashing out to the trainers.

14022170_671782016320661_8158355533986154264_nSo now we have that out of the way, how would you feel diving with the orcas?  Last week a pod was spotted on one of our dives at the Bat islands.  This spot is famous  for Bull sharks and the Giant Manta Rays.  We did noticed there were no Bullsharks present and neither were the Manta Rays, kinda of odd, but diving is nature and things can be unpredictable.  Then we spotted it! A pod of about 6 orcas with some small one’s tagging along.  Adrenaline went up but these creatures just peacefully passed us with no displaying  threatening behavior. 14067468_671782026320660_5698249679523797049_n The divers were stoked.  Then nature happened and a sailfish became a target.  They seem to use it as a teaching prop.  First short attacks and then letting the pups get a try.  It almost seemed they were teaching them how to get their food.

It was an amazing feeling to experience this activity on our safety stop.  Nobody felt any anxiety at any time, we all agreed this was a dive to remember !



One thought on “Diving with Orcas

  1. Oh dear Lord what I would give to dive and swim with wild orca!! Haven’t been to any marine park although I see why others might be tempted to go and catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures up close and personal but it’s not for me.

    I’ll keep saving and hoping that one day I’ll get to make it out on the open water and see these guys at home like this 🙂

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