Making the Advanced course more adventerous

2017 is here and PADI has made some changes to their curriculum and I totally love what they did with the advanced course. 🙂

Rich Coast being a TEC center as well, likes that fact that the course now offers a taste of sidemount and full face mask.  How cool is that?  You just get the oppurtunity to try a new adventure so you can decide if this is the new niche for you!


To make life easy we have made a few packages available for you to choose form:

  1. The basic advanced, which is 5 dives, navigation and the deep dive being mandatory and then you can have your own preference and pick 3 more dives from the book. You finish the knowledge reviews and we go diving! As our boat goes out for 2-tank dive everyday we can give the first dive for FREE. Just for you to get back into diving and get comfortable with your instructor. Duration: 3 days
  2. Night Dive adventure: this is 5 dives and the same as option 1 but this only takes 2 days ; 4 during the day and one at night.
  3. Aware advanced: If you are interested in the environment and like to learn a bit about the marine life then this package is for you. This course is 6 dives and includes the Deep dive, Navigation, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Fish ID and the Shark Specialty! Yes you get 2 certifications for this package. Duration: 3 days
  4. Taste of TEC: Here you get the first intro to some TEC diving. The package includes: Deep, Navigation, Search & Recovery, DSMB and Sidemount (diving with 2 tanks at once) This course also includes a pool session. Duration 4 days.   Soon to come Full face mask

It’s almost like picking your  favorite dish from the menu in a restaurant, now you can pick from the dive shops menu.

PADI has more changes to come so stay tuned as exciting things will be happening in 2017!



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