Top 5 useful things divers find underwater.

As divers we  seem to be more conscious about the environment than before we were certified. Underwater clean-ups are organized all over the world on a regular base. Besides garbage and waste,0 divers also find useful things. Some items being more useful than others! :). Click the more button and read on, You will be Surprised, especially at nr 4!

Useful things for divers to find is dive gear or other gadgets we can use again for our future dives. Of course we try to see if we know the owner but in most cases we don’t.  Additional gear for us to use and slowly become that diver that has it all!

Nr 1:

One of the most common findings: Cameras and in this time and age the actual GO Pro!  This popular camera is so small and easy to lose.  Don’t look surprised if you end up with a dive buddy who owns a few of them (bought or found)

Nr 2:

Weightbelts.  Here in Costa Rica we use mooring lines and most dive companies hook on to them.  Safety stops and exits are being made from the line. Result: dropping a weight belt   Carrying extra weights on the plane is a bit of a drag so they end up in the dive center (or get returned if the weight belt is labeled)

Nr 3:

Another famous found is a snorkel.  Lots of divers are not to fond of the snorkel and usually do not even notice they lose this straw dangling on the side of their mask.  Some snorkels are clearly ready for disposable but some clean up pretty nice   You will have the bright pink one you never dared to spend money on.

Nr 4.

This will blow your mind!  Our dive masters in training found a DILDO!  to be clear a PINK dildo.  How in the world can you lose an item like this?  Reusable? Useful?  It sure caused for some fun and laughter and till today it still is part of a conversation on a regular base (found about a week ago)divemaster internship

Nr 5.

Compass, Slates, Reels, and Knives.  Seeing that Costa Rica is a popular destination for the PADI Divemasterinternships, loads of these  materials  floating around.  It’s a shame that so many DMT’s (divemaster in training) are frivolous with these required materials.  If found it makes a happy diver esp. if it is a new DMT.

Did you ever find any of these items?  Tell us your best found treasure.


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