Christmas Time is Scuba Time


That time of the year has almost made it down to Rich Coast Diving. Christmas time. Or as we like to call it… that time of the year where EVERYBODY wants to go diving. We will be diving. Everyday. 3 times. Non-stop. Busy days. These are the things we here at Rich Coast live for. The adrenaline of working hard and the constant rushing of left and right, coming home fulfilled after a whole day of allowing customers to enjoy diving in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Here are some things that will be changing as Rich Coast progress into this new season.



Currently at Rich Coast Diving we have around 12 members who work full time. Of which more than half are certified instructors. In fact, right now during the quiet season (right before Christmas) we have enough staff to keep large amounts of customers happy. However, not enough to handle the vast influx of Christmas spirited tourists. We will be definitely be taking in some freelancers, some of which could definitely include our recent IDC candidates. We are entering the high season and will be bringing in people from left to right to deal with the many customers. Rich Coast have many people to back us up if we need to. Expect more and more happy faces walking around our shop.



As stated previously, Rich Coast Diving is expecting a LOT of customers during this high season. There are reservations starting to come in, hotels are being booked. Rich Coast are effectively preparing for this stampede of dive enthusiasts which we would love to have come here. Currently  we are already sending out a large number of boats out and we are seeing the number of customers growing. Everybody wants to enjoy Christmas in Coco and we can help with that! Most of the tourists we receive all year round are all coming from the US and Canada. This is still very much the case… But now there are way more! And many more from different countries. Holland, Germany, England, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, China, Australia and Spain just to name a few we have seen here the past month.

Good Times


Obviously the 3rd thing we expect here in Coco in large proportions around this time is Happiness and Celebration. People are coming here to get away from the winter cold, the overly packed cities and the relatives who won’t stop questioning why you are single for the 21st Christmas in a row (I’m a work in progress, Aunt Helen! Stop doubting me!) … Anyway…… We are just excited as these people! We don’t get a holiday or anything (quite the opposite) but we get to share the experience and help make this a memorable holiday for others. That is why we do it and that is what makes us happy. This concludes our quick pre-Christmas post. Be sure to keep up with our Facebook posts on how we fare this wild holiday season 🙂

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