Disabled Divers DDI

Here at Rich Coast Diving we are always expanding our knowledge.  Offering more options for you as a diver to make your trip to Costa Rica and visit Rich Coast a new adventure each time you come back.  Of course this also creates reasons to DO come back!

33432923_1035118006653725_9026267011159687168_nOur new challange and adchievement is that we are proud to say we have 2 new DDI instructors and 1 DDI Instructor trainer on our team.  Mark Slingo, The DDI instructor trianer came to Costa Rica to host this course just for our team and 4 of our members learned how to handle disabled divers.  Now we can offer our diving servecies to a bigger audience and we can help open new life experiences for more people.

The course created lots of fun moments. Imagine setting up your gear blind folded, or getting. you rlegs tied to simulate a disbale diver.  Trying to crawl into another persons life situation.  Proud to say that we will be launching these courses soon. So you can learn how to deal with disabled divers adn making their dives as comfortable as possible.

blindfold DDIDDI


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