World Cleanup day 2018

It doesn’t take much to see that our planet is suffering from an excess of pollution. A quick search online will turn up articles on ozone thinning, mass extinction, and a dependency on plastic that is out of control. To battle, these worldwide problems Rich Coast Diving and SeaReinas Call worked together with the community in support of World Cleanup day.

What is World Cleanup day?

World cleanup day is a movement that began in 2008 in Estonia. The people were sick of all the illegally dumped trash and litter and banned together to do something about it. That year 4% of Estonia’s population assisted in removing garbage and litter from the country. They succeeded in cleaning their entire country in just 2 hours. Imagine if the whole world, or even just 4% of it worked to clean our planet for 2 hours once a year… And so was born World Cleanup Day.

Our Contributions

In support of World Cleanup day, Rich Coast Diving organized a dive site cleanup. In addition, they organized a community beach cleanup with some assistance from yours truly. We also coordinated with other members of our community to make sure Playa Del Coco was spick and span by the end of the day!

Dive site cleanup

As a dive company having a healthy and clean ocean is more than just good business. Professional divers spend so much time in the ocean that it is our second home, and often our preferred one. As such myself and 7 other professional divers boarded a boat supplied by Rich Coast Diving and headed out to an area known to be littered with fishing gear.


All eight divers jumped in with knives, scissors and mesh bags, ready to fight water pollution. The crew spent roughly 40 minutes underwater removing line, lead weights and other garbage from the area. When we were all back on the surface we separated and organized our findings.


On dive one, we recovered

  • A fin bag full of fishing line
  • A handful of hooks
  • Approximately 30 lbs of lead
  • A plastic pipe
  • 2 knives
  • Several other pieces of miscellaneous garbage


For our second tank, we decided to begin in the same area, working our way towards a small island of the beach that is constantly fished off of. On the way to the island, little garbage was found. However, once at the island, my dive buddy and I came across a small wreck. On it was a massive tangled ball of discarded fishing gear.


After signaling some of the other divers we were able to safely bring the mass of line to the surface. Upon inspection, we discovered that the mass was mostly made up of a long line. Likely, it had drifted and snagged on the wreck’s deteriorating anchor which was also brought up in the tangled mess. At the surface we estimated the wet weight of the mass to be over 50 pounds. It took 2-3 people to carry it from the boat to the truck.


The Beach Cleanup

After returning from the dive site cleanup everyone grabbed a quick lunch before meeting back at Rich Coast Diving to get right back at the days efforts. We handed out sanitary gloves, trash bags, and loaded the Truck with a Cooler of water supplied by Coconutz Bar and 11 volunteers to participate in world cleanup day


To clean the town of Coco Andrea of Rich Coast and I organized with the Coco Community Project to make sure that we cleaned all the main areas of town. We were left in charge of assisting with the main street and covering the Southern half of the beach. With our 11 volunteers and 2 hours of work, we were able to fill the back of a truck with garbage and recyclables! Not to mention the entire Southern half of the beach and main street Coco were spick and span once we finished.


A Job Well Done Deserves Celebration

In support of the combined efforts of Rich Coast Diving, SeaReinas Call, and all of our amazing volunteers, Zi Lounge bought us dinner! When the owner if the establishment heard of our heartfelt efforts to make Coco a better place Zi’s decided to donate pizza and wings, as well as, VIP passes to his establishment. After all the hard work everyone put in we were all very thankful for his contribution! We were also ravenous and devoured the food with delighted content!

Now that it’s clean let’s keep it that way

Today the town is clean, but as everyone knows it takes work to keep it that way. If everyone works together we can have a clean town every day, and maybe one day a clean planet. Rich Coast Diving and SeaReinas Call plan to organize more beach cleanups in the future. We hope to grow our numbers and cover even larger areas! So next time you see a bunch of people cleaning the streets feel free to join in!

Happy World Cleanup Day!


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