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Here at Rich Coast Diving we are always expanding our knowledge.  Offering more options for you as a diver to make your trip to Costa Rica and visit Rich Coast a new adventure each time you come back.  Of course this also creates reasons to DO come back!

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Top 5 useful things divers find underwater.

As divers we  seem to be more conscious about the environment than before we were certified. Underwater clean-ups are organized all over the world on a regular base. Besides garbage and waste,0 divers also find useful things. Some items being more useful than others! :). Click the more button and read on, You will be Surprised, especially at nr 4! Continue reading

divemaster internship in Costa Rica

A new whole world to discover!

Can you remember what you felt like the first time you were underwater? Do you still feel that same excitement which you did the first time? Once you start your adventure in diving, you crave that feeling of being under the water all the time. So after taking your Open water course you want to learn more about diving so your able to go deeper and feel more secure about your 12279239_554967824668748_8245245667578369432_nknowledge and skills. In order to achieve the knowledge you start working on getting your advanced certification, and also by knowing more about the scuba-diving culture you start to be conscious about the problems that can come with it. Continue reading

What is a Platinum Course Director?

Reaching Platinum status is a big deal for a PADI Course Director. It takes lots of work, dedication and love for the profession of a scuba diver.  Here at Rich Coast Diving we are proud to say we have the only Platinum Course Director in Costa Rica on our team.  Now you are asking what is the difference between a Course Director & Platinum Course Director? Continue reading

Go pro

Do you need divemaster experience before the IDC?

Going straight from the Divemaster internship to the idc is something not many people want to do! They want to gain ‘experience’ as a Divemaster first, something I also thought I wanted, but soon realised it’s so much easier to go straight into the idc, and also very rewarding! Plus, you gain the same and even more experience as an instructor 🙂 You can always be an instructor who guides and or team-teaches for a while. Continue reading

Making the Advanced course more adventerous

2017 is here and PADI has made some changes to their curriculum and I totally love what they did with the advanced course. 🙂

Rich Coast being a TEC center as well, likes that fact that the course now offers a taste of sidemount and full face mask.  How cool is that?  You just get the oppurtunity to try a new adventure so you can decide if this is the new niche for you! Continue reading

Overfishing: Extinction of Most Species by 2048


Fishing is a way of life essential to the livelihood and food security of 200 million people who mainly live in developing countries. One of five people on Earth depends on fish as the main source of protein. Continue reading