Overfishing: Extinction of Most Species by 2048


Fishing is a way of life essential to the livelihood and food security of 200 million people who mainly live in developing countries. One of five people on Earth depends on fish as the main source of protein. Continue reading


A touch of grace: learn more about the spotted eagle ray

One of the great attractions of the Playas del Coco dive sites is the always graceful spotted eagle ray. These rays are unique from other ray species in several ways. Rather than having a flat body style that extends out into a wide wingspan, they have a bill-like snout and a flat, disk shaped body from which the wings extend. Continue reading

Scorpion fish vs Stone fish; do you know the difference?

In December, the group of C.M.E.R.A. Marine Education came to Coco for a couple of days diving or snorkeling with Rich Coast Diving. All the students went on a snorkel or dive trip in the morning, and in the afternoon there were lectures about the interesting marine life. One topic of the lecture was about the stone fish and the scorpion fish. They look really similar but there are some difference. Have you ever seen one of those fish while you were diving? Do you know the difference between those fish?

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It’s Seahorse Time!

In the last few weeks, we saw many seahorses underwater. Seahorses with their horse-like head, monkey-like tail and kangaroo-like pouch are fascinating creatures. They are really hard to spot because they are masters in camouflage. However, we have some amazing instructors who are expert in finding seahorses!

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Hannah is one of our marine students here in Coco Beach. She is 11 years old and goes to Lakeside International. This week she focused her study on the wild and illusive jellyfish that roam our oceans worldwide. The term Jellyfish is French, and has been associated with the swimming animal due to its spineless body and jelly like appearance. Continue reading

Teacher for one day

Teacher for one day, a lot of kids dream about it. This dream becomes true for some of the kids in the Marine Science Class at the Green life Academy.  Next Friday they’ll teach the younger kids at the school about the fascinating life underwater

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marine science

Kids Marine Science Saturday 23-08. Do you believe in Mermaids?

Long long ago, in the Deep Sea kingdom, there lived a little mermaid, Sirenetta. She was beautiful, lovely and had the best voice. She fell in love with a real human.  Everyone knows the famous Disney story about the little mermaid. Last Saturday in the Kids Marine Science Class we got the question ‘Do mermaids really exist?’ Nobody knows but we got a smart kid in class who said: ‘At the moment, we only know a bit of the ocean, so who knows?’

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