Disabled Divers DDI

Here at Rich Coast Diving we are always expanding our knowledge.  Offering more options for you as a diver to make your trip to Costa Rica and visit Rich Coast a new adventure each time you come back.  Of course this also creates reasons to DO come back!

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Making the Advanced course more adventerous

2017 is here and PADI has made some changes to their curriculum and I totally love what they did with the advanced course. 🙂

Rich Coast being a TEC center as well, likes that fact that the course now offers a taste of sidemount and full face mask.  How cool is that?  You just get the oppurtunity to try a new adventure so you can decide if this is the new niche for you! Continue reading

New Divemaster Packages

Here at Rich Coast Diving we train quit a few PADI dive masters. Most come and join us for the 3 month internship and receive the top notch training that gets them ready to be a PADI pro anywhere in the world. Continue reading

Dive against Debris

Every year thousands of marine animals die from eating or getting tangled in marine debris or trash in the ocean.  Research has shown that marine debris affects 663 marine species. Divers have a history of removing trash from the ocean but despite our best efforts the trash keeps piling up.  In order to help the cleaning action of divers even more, PADI came with the Aware specialty Dive against Debris. Continue reading

My next experience – the Advanced

The Open Water certification was absolutely not enough for me! I discovered that diving is addicting. I want to develop myself and become a better diver. The next step for me was the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification.
This course is to gain more experience in diving and to get more confidant underwater. For me it was an opportunity to try a sample of different specialties to see what I think is interesting to do. Continue reading

For the first time; I am a DIVER!

I woke up and felt this excitement in my stomach! Why? I always wanted to take scuba diving lessons and see the world beneath the waves! Today it was time for my PADI Open Water Diver course! This is where it started for me! I learned how the use basic scuba gear, how to dive safely and of course now I can discover the underwater world! Continue reading

Freediving is becoming more popular


We get more questions every year about freediving, here at Rich Coast Diving. That’s in line with the trend of freediving becoming more popular. Films such as The Big Blue help the awareness about this beautiful way of diving. As we get many questions about the disciplines of free diving, here’s a first introduction for you:

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