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Do you need divemaster experience before the IDC?

Going straight from the Divemaster internship to the idc is something not many people want to do! They want to gain ‘experience’ as a Divemaster first, something I also thought I wanted, but soon realised it’s so much easier to go straight into the idc, and also very rewarding! Plus, you gain the same and even more experience as an instructor 🙂 You can always be an instructor who guides and or team-teaches for a while. Continue reading


New Divemaster Packages

Here at Rich Coast Diving we train quit a few PADI dive masters. Most come and join us for the 3 month internship and receive the top notch training that gets them ready to be a PADI pro anywhere in the world. Continue reading

Hola from the intern house!


Welcome to Casa Ballena. The intern house of Rich Coast Diving. We have people living here throughout the PADI ladder from instructors to dive masters in training and rescue divers along with our 2 cats momo and suka. Continue reading

Why Costa Rica?

More and more people are looking for a change in their pace of life. If you are one of them and you are looking for an internship in the dive world then keep on reading. The Divemaster internship might be exactly what you’re seeking next. Both Costa Rica and Bali are highly frequented when people seek this PADI certification. Continue reading

Tropical Christmas

Christmas holidays?
This year I spend my first Christmas away from home, from my city and from my family. It is true I missed lots of things from Spain, but on the other hand I have been able to enjoy how other cultures spend Christmas. Continue reading

Making the most of your dive internship

There are lots of post about internships and loads of discussions.  Talking about FREE labor or slaves in the dive industry.  This of course is totally up to you as the intern.  You can get the most out of an internship if you give it your most.  An internship is definitely not a free divemaster or idc,  it means you work for your certification!   Continue reading

An inside look at Coco

Playas-del-Coco-Guanacaste-Costa-RicaBefore I came to Coco I had no idea what I was expecting to find. I wanted to read some reviews before i came which weren’t the typical Trip advisor ones. This is why I decided to write this post, to give all of you an inside look at what Coco is like. Continue reading