What is a Platinum Course Director?

Reaching Platinum status is a big deal for a PADI Course Director. It takes lots of work, dedication and love for the profession of a scuba diver.  Here at Rich Coast Diving we are proud to say we have the only Platinum Course Director in Costa Rica on our team.  Now you are asking what is the difference between a Course Director & Platinum Course Director? Continue reading

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Do you need divemaster experience before the IDC?

Going straight from the Divemaster internship to the idc is something not many people want to do! They want to gain ‘experience’ as a Divemaster first, something I also thought I wanted, but soon realised it’s so much easier to go straight into the idc, and also very rewarding! Plus, you gain the same and even more experience as an instructor 🙂 You can always be an instructor who guides and or team-teaches for a while. Continue reading

Reaching Platinum

2015 ended nice for us here at Rich Coast Diving.  Our airport is getting bigger and more tourist are discovering the beauty of Costa Rica.  There are now direct flights from England which creates a nice melt pot of British and American English in the town.   Continue reading


Since I was a child, my objective was to become a PADI professional. Recently, thanks to my internship with Rich Coast Diving, I have been able to achieve it. First I became a Divemaster and thanks to Rich Coast Diving instructors I was introduced to the good practices required to be a good professional. Continue reading

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IDC news: Reasons to go PRO

You are doing your divemaster and love the ocean and think this is life, now your instructor kinda blows your bubble, he tells you to go one step higher!  Really you just invested time and money into being a PADI Pro and you wanted to safe that extra cash to travel the world and now there is this “dive Guru” telling you that this is not IT! Continue reading

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IDC: Training aids and the iPad, PADI Technology moving forward

The last IDC of 2014 is here and it is always fun to see what students come up with for training aids during their teaching presentations.  I am always amazed how some people have no imagination at all while others built the nicest power point presentations to get our attention to focus on their topic.

Continue reading

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How do I become a good IDC Staff instructor?

After the IDC every Course Director is telling you to go up the PADI ladder and become MSDT.  You are still thinking about passing the IE and like the sales pitch, you listen but you don’t register,  and are nervous enough to become an OWSI.  Then the IE is there, you realize your Course Director was right by saying IE stands for “It’s Easy”!  9 out of 10 candidates exit the room with a feeling of euphoria and relief.  The IDC was way more intense than this!  Continue reading