Recycle class

Yesterday we were back in the classroom with the kids 🙂  This time our lectures were about recycling.  Did you know it takes about 2 years for a cigarette bud to disappear?  Not only that, but what happens when it gets thrown on the beach?  High tide takes it into the ocean where it will float and most probably end up in a stomach of a fish or turtle. (this is only one of the main reasons we do not allow smoking on our dive boats) Continue reading

Advanced Open Water Students

First weeks as a PADI Open Water Dive Instructor

A few weeks ago I was posting in this blog about the day-to-day during the PADI Instructor Development Course. Now after it’s finished, I’m finally having the chance of teaching the first courses here at Rich Coast Diving.

During the first weeks after the IDC, we were really busy here at Playa del Coco with lots of students doing advanced courses and some specialties like the Shark and the Manta specialty. Continue reading

EFR Instructor Training

IDC Diary – Last words

Yesterday was a short day. We were supposed to finish with the Emergency First Response Instructor course, but we had a electricity shortage in El Coco, as announced a day before. And that means that we finally had a time for a Happy Hour after all these days of study and hard work!

And today, the 26 of November, we are finished with all the steps of becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. We just finished the last part of the EFR Instructor Course, the last presentations.  Continue reading

IDC Diary – IE day 3

Winners! There is a Brazilian song that says something like: everyday gods are born, some bigger and some smaller than you. I felt like part of something today. I felt like we are gods born now and because everyday gods are born again. And those gods are now our students, and the feeling of being part of this chain is something incredible. Now it is our time to create new GODS everywhere.

First part of the day was really quickly! Around 8am we were in the ocean, with all ready to go for the Open Water skills test. Two groups divided here, each of us with two skills to present, with a scenario. The examiner assigns some problems or mistakes for the students, and you have to be able to identify and correct the exact way to perform the skill. From all courses: Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, Search and recovery and dive master. After something like one and a half hour we were all done with our skill. Continue reading
IDC Instructor Examination

IDC Diary – IE day 2

After a good rest in the night and in the morning, we started the second part of the Instructor Examination with a lot of energy, around 9am.

The first part of the skills circuit was in the pool. We were all required to demonstrate a few skills that are mandatory for all the candidates. Nothing hard here, just the same practice that Martin has been doing with us during these last 12 days. And nothing really changed that much, because the Examiner divided the groups according to the CDC they were trained at, so our buddies were even the same, allowing us to fell even more relaxed. The skills we practiced were: regulator recovery and clear, free flow regulator breath, neutral buoyancy, shared air source and the CESA. Continue reading

IDC candidates at the pool

IDC Diary – First day at the IE

After 12 days of hard work, it’s time to start revealing the results. Today was the last day of our IDC, as I wrote before, nothing left to do today, so we just splitted the group in three: some of us went to the pool, some went to class to refresh again some theory and some decided to take a morning off an some rest before the next step.

In the afternoon we all met together with another groups at the Lazy Frog Hotel for the introduction of our Instructor Examination. Our examiner is Gary Newman, he first introduced himself and them asked for the other courses directors to introduce themselves to all the candidates as well. The ambient could not be more enjoyable, we were a few meters from the beach and waiting by the pool relaxing for the next hours. Continue reading

IDC Cacique presentation

IDC Diary – Day 11

Last day of the IDC! Well, kind of… We still have one day left tomorrow, but, we just finished everything! Even in a big group of 8 candidates, we were able to finish all the workshops, presentations and skills circuit a day ahead of the training program. This morning we just run over the last two workshops about the Rescue and the Divemaster courses.

The rescue course can be the first door for the professional diving career, so we discussed a lot on how to make the course fun and enjoyable. Marin shared some funny situations he got into during some trainings he did in the past, and we also shared a few episodes. Even being one of the most important course, due to all the scenarios and simulations, the rescue course will probably provide a lot of good experiences.  Continue reading