Overfishing: Extinction of Most Species by 2048


Fishing is a way of life essential to the livelihood and food security of 200 million people who mainly live in developing countries. One of five people on Earth depends on fish as the main source of protein. Continue reading

Team Work

Marine life has been a big part of social media.  We see post of organizations focusing on marine protection, saving sharks or trying to educate the world not to go to parks like Sea World.  To us divers this is a natural given, but you will be surprised how many non-divers have the slightest idea what is going on with our oceans and its inhabitants. like so Mr Ronnie King Continue reading

Rich Coast Diving is 100% AWARE

Did you know that less than 1% of our ocean is protected? While the ocean covers more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface?  Unsustainable fishing, shipping, oil and gas, pollution plus climate change are the biggest threats of the ocean. It is necessary that we are aware of the fact that we’re killing the ocean if we don’t change those big problems.

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Mercury in Fish, by Samantha our Junior Aware specialist

Mercury is a highly toxic chemical element, also known as Quicksilver. Mercury enters your body through three ways: inhalation, skin contact, and ingestion. People nowadays ingest Mercury on nearly a daily basis. Fish such as shark, swordfish, tuna, and dolphin contain very high amounts of mercury. Continue reading

Teacher for one day

Teacher for one day, a lot of kids dream about it. This dream becomes true for some of the kids in the Marine Science Class at the Green life Academy.  Next Friday they’ll teach the younger kids at the school about the fascinating life underwater

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turtle rescue

Kids Marine Science: Turtles and Smokers

Did you know that each cigarette contains more than 3,900 chemicals? Cigarette butts contain the toxic residue of these chemicals. In clean-up events worldwide, the number one item of litter is cigarette butts. There are more butts thrown into the environment than any other single item.  Today we had our first Kids Marine Science class and we choose to focus on this BIG problem. Continue reading


Kids point of view

Back in front of the class at the Green life Academy.  Last week we assigned teams of 2 students to create a project on their assigned endangered marine creature.  Emily and Christa were team Turtle and handed in a great paper on the problems the turtles in Costa Rica have to face.  This is their conclusion: Continue reading