Overfishing: Extinction of Most Species by 2048


Fishing is a way of life essential to the livelihood and food security of 200 million people who mainly live in developing countries. One of five people on Earth depends on fish as the main source of protein. Continue reading


New Divemaster Packages

Here at Rich Coast Diving we train quit a few PADI dive masters. Most come and join us for the 3 month internship and receive the top notch training that gets them ready to be a PADI pro anywhere in the world. Continue reading

Diving with Orcas

I am sure we have all been to a sea aquarium at least once in our life, but hopefully now with all the commotion around Seaworld  we know better.  We are all signing petitions, to save marine capture, stop Dolphin torture in Tajij, or the Faroe slaughter. Facebook is exposing more and more and we are slowly getting educated through social media.

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Dive against Debris

Every year thousands of marine animals die from eating or getting tangled in marine debris or trash in the ocean.  Research has shown that marine debris affects 663 marine species. Divers have a history of removing trash from the ocean but despite our best efforts the trash keeps piling up.  In order to help the cleaning action of divers even more, PADI came with the Aware specialty Dive against Debris. Continue reading


Diving at BAT islands

Laura Tyrell came to Rich Coast Diving as a divemaster in training and grew into an amazing IDC staff instructor.  As time moved on she is now expecting and soon to be a happy mommy of a future diver 🙂  Laura has done many dives on Murcielago and it left a great impression on her, even after these many years she still talk about this amazing dive site. Continue reading


Hola from the intern house!


Welcome to Casa Ballena. The intern house of Rich Coast Diving. We have people living here throughout the PADI ladder from instructors to dive masters in training and rescue divers along with our 2 cats momo and suka. Continue reading


Animal abuse for selfies

Just any ordinary day off and I am scrolling down my Facebook page.  I scrolled down on a photo of a former classmate with a selfie  holding a baby shark.  The comments underneath were all positive and I could not believe my eyes.  People saying “Thank God it is just a baby”  got my neck hairs to rise even more. Continue reading